Monday, July 25, 2011

Oops! I forgot the most important highlight!

Yesterday I posted some of the highlights from BlagHag's bloggathon. I forgot to post a link to perhaps the most important post - the one on Obama speaking about "balance. Go to the post to see the transcript. This, however, was disappointing:I think we’ve struck the right balance so far, but this is something that we continue to be in dialogue with faith-based organizations about to try to make sure that their hiring practices are as open and as inclusive as possible.I'm getting quite sick and tired of Obama's "balance." I really wish he'd focus instead on doing the right thing! If religions organizations are receiving tax payer money and then being allowed to discriminate against people, that is wrong, plain and simple. (He even said at the beginning it was straightforward.) There is no "balance" to strike on this issue. When Obama said, "If, on the other hand, it is closer to your core functions as a synagogue or a mosque or a church, then there may be more leeway for you to hire somebody who is a believer of that particular religious faith," then that organization shouldn't be getting tax payer money. Plain and simple. (It's bad enough that they can discriminate while being tax exempt.)

It keeps becoming more and more obvious that Obama is concerned about balance to get the independent vote for reelection. Without a primary challenge, he doesn't need to please Democrats for that vote. Likewise, he needs not worry about Democrats for the general election. Many will vote for him to prevent a Republican from getting the office, and even if they do not vote for him, they won't vote against him. (Though, honestly, if Romney ends up being the Republican candidate, I'm not sure he'd be much worse than Obama. I still probably wouldn't vote for Romney, though.) I remember Obama telling us, if he were elected, that it wouldn't be politics as usual. So much for that.

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