Monday, August 8, 2011

I know who WON'T be running for President amongst the Republicans

Chris Christie is done. He has no hope for a 2012 Presidential bid. Not that it appeared he was actually going to run, but I cannot know what goes on in his head. Even if he had been considering it, it is not going to happen now. He nominated a Muslim *gasp* to the New Jersey Superior Court. And then he had the nerve to defend his nomination by criticizing the people who bring up Sharia as being crazy (not necessarily clinically crazy, but crazy on this particular issue).

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It was a bit funny considering how the Republicans pray on the crazy and ignorant (there was a point where he said something about ignorance was behind the objections). Christie does it himself, pushing the idea that tax breaks drives job creation. [Cringes at the fact I have not yet posted as to why this does not work.] Though, I have been reminded that New Jersey has a fairly large Muslim population. Coincidence that he would be nominating and defending a Muslim judge?

(It should go without saying that I have nothing against this nomination. I'm not too concerned about the qualifications of this judge. No more than I would have with any judge nominated by a Republican.)

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