Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey, Hament's cause got mentioned on TYT!

I just found out today what happened in Bend, Oregon. First, to whoever did that, you made an ass of yourself and could have made an ass out of atheists in general. Thankfully, there are good people like Hament out there to correct your wrongs! Even I would have perhaps donated some money to protect a reputation (if I had heard about this before enough money was raised)! And on that, it pisses me off that atheists who had nothing to do with this have to spend our hard-earned money to fix this! ...(captures breath)...OK, on the positive side, we've received some positive media attention, but I must say the ends do NOT justify the means! It was good to see this on TYT, and I hear Hament will be on "Fox & Friends" this Saturday morning.

To Ana, there is only ONE Flying Spaghetti Monster! All those others are false gods! :)

To Cenk, great use of the "No true Scottsman" fallacy at the end! :)

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